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Moskau: Sale of the property complex of TPP-28

Property ID: ID2305
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Basic information
RU-11111 Moskau
Moskau (Stadt)
1 €
Type of object:
Assisted living
Year of construction:
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Further information
Further information
Property description:
Sale of the property complex of TPP-28, the total area of ​​the OP = 17,441 m2. Commissioning year 1992. Established on the basis of pilot magnetogasdynamic the U-25 of the Institute of High Temperatures. The composition of the Moscow power system.
TPP-28 is unique among the many branches of "Mosenergo", being ground-power plant and the introduction of implementing innovative ideas in engineering. The main objective is to develop CHP promising technologies for their subsequent implementation at other power plants "Mosenergo".
In 2008, became part of the TPP-21 OJSC "Mosenergo", in 2009 again highlighted separately.
Installed capacity:
thermal (Gcal / h) - 40
electric (MWe) - 25
Annual energy production:
Heat power (Gcal) - 213,816
Electricity (million kWh) - 105,620
Specific fuel consumption:
for heat (kg \ Gcal) - 130
electricity (r \ kWh) - 342
Annual CONSUMP fuel equivalent (tce / year) - 55,431
Number of hours in a year - 5245
Turbogenerators (Mark)
PT-25/30-90/10M - 1 pc.
Boilers (Mark)
PR-105,8-9-54 - 1 pc.
Number of pipes - 1 pc.

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