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Nowgorod: Sale sand and gravel quarry 190 km from St. Petersburg

Property ID: BO013
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Basic information
RU-173000 Nowgorod
Type of object:
Special object
999.999,99 sq. m.
Main area:
999.999,99 sq. m.
4.500.000 $
Further information
Further information
Property description:
Selling sand and gravel quarry. Subsurface area of ??625.8 hectares located 190 km from St. Petersburg (to Moscow). Intended purpose area - extraction of sand and gravel for construction purposes. The quarry occupies the central part of the deposit, the average content in the rock mass of 20% gravel, boulders, 2%, 78% sand. Estimated reserves of 41 million cubic meters. raw materials. At 10 km from the quarry is w / d stantsiya.Karer owned. Careers based on deposit "heater" is a raw material base of the enterprise and its members' as a separate business unit. Power career on minerals is 300.0 t.m3 year. The main equipment in the development of the quarry is the type of construction excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers and dump trucks equipped with self-contained power units (internal combustion engines).
Development of the field is open way without loosening rock. Work on the life of the field are generally reduced to the removal of overburden and the actual development - Mining - sand-gravel mixture. The take double shoulder, worked consistently in a single time period (year), dry and flooded part of the field. In developing the flooded parts of the stack used dehydration.
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IBA Real Estate Ltd. - Ms. Olga   Bujanina
IBA Real Estate Ltd.
Ms. Olga Bujanina

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