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Bolotnoe: Novosibirsk Region, Bolotnoe st. Moscow, brick factory. Price: 4400000 EUR (for sale)

Property ID: BO016
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Basic information
RU-633340 Bolotnoe
Type of object:
Trade park
16.500 sq. m.
Main area:
16.500 sq. m.
4.400.000 €
Further information
Further information
Property description:
"Bolotninsky Plant construction materials and structures" ("BZSMK") was built in 1973, produces a brick grades M-100, M-125 Standard 530 - 2007. Production takes place all year round. For drying svezheformovannyh products use artificial drying. Roasting products is carried out in a tunnel kiln. Now the plant has a new furnace, the old one was closed in 2010. Starting the second furnace is planned for the second half of 2012. According to preliminary calculations, it is paired with a small financial cost (the cost to run the furnace rated at 10 million rubles.). At this moment the capacity of the plant is 850 -1000 thousand. / Mo., Launching the second furnace will increase output by half.
The plant employs modern equipment of Russian and foreign production, the average period of use is 3-5 years. The service life of vehicles, cranes and loaders - from 7 to 10 years. Factory buildings, garages and storage areas are more than 30 years. All special requirements for security and compliance technology manufacturing environmental conditions are met. The property is a land area of ??more than one hectare.
Obsolescence of the equipment is zero, since all the equipment has not lost its technical parameters and is used for its intended purpose.
Land - 7703 m2
Building (twin unit) OP = 1800 m2
The main building of the OP = 6479.5 m2
warehouse OP = 168.8 m2
ABA (administrative building) OP = 394.4 m2
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IBA Real Estate Ltd. - Ms. Olga   Bujanina
IBA Real Estate Ltd.
Ms. Olga Bujanina

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