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B. Goloustnoye: Irkutsk region, the village of B. Goloustnoye, investment-project "Red Square", a tourist center (for sale)

Property ID: BO026
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Basic information
RU-664515 B. Goloustnoye
Type of object:
100.000 sq. m.
Main area:
100.000 sq. m.
Price on request
Further information
Further information
Property description:
Sale of the investment project "Red Square" - the construction of the festival and tourist center with its own marina and harbor for passenger boats. The site is located on the shore of Lake Baikal, in the village of Great Goloustnoye Irkutsk district of Irkutsk region, in the former warehouse Bolsherechenskogo Forestry Administration (then Goloustnenskogo SFE), on the grounds Goloustnenskogo rural district. On the site - a private pier, which forms the inner water area (harbor).
The total building area of ??10 hectares, including:
- Year-round residential development - 2.02 ha;
- Residential buildings seasonal -0.98 ha;
- Garden - 1,106 hectares;
- Area festivals - 0.9 ha;
- 0.27 ha sports area;
- Port area - 0,834 ha;
- The lighthouse area and the dam - 1.3 ha;
- Quay - 1.27 m;
- Parking - 0.1 ha;
- Protective landscape -0.54 ha;
- Waste sites and warm toilets - 0.08 g;
- Motor drives - 0.6 hectares.

The structure consists of the following facilities campings:
- The main administrative building, which houses the hotel for 48 seats (including 16 places to live attendants), the restaurant - a dining room with 60 seats;
- Double wooden houses (heated and polublagoustroennye) with 70 seats;
- Double felt yurts (80 pcs.) With 160 seats for the summer holiday stay;
- A festival marketplace 1 ha of Stage and places in the open air for the youth organization of music festivals;
- Transport facilities: local travel around the perimeter of the site on both sides of a total length of 1450 m, open parking with 40 places, a garage for buses, a garage for cars and company cars for 11 seats;
- Passenger terminal building with an area for waiting;
- Approaches the wall of the channel for berthing and settling for 10 vessels of "Yaroslavets";
- Ship repair facility on the east bank of the canal, designed for mechanical repair of ships and equipped with handling equipment, appliances, machine tools for metal cutting, welding and riveted connections of metal structures;
- A water tower and pumping station;
- Pit drives (septic tanks) for the collection of household and domestic sewage effluents;
- Sanitary pad with garbage cans and warm toilets.

Engineering support campings includes:
- Power supply by connecting to the grid with. B.Goloustnoe (central transformer station is 500 meters away);
- Water supply from the lake. Baikal by surface water intake with the construction of a water tower and a water pumping station;
- Diversion of domestic wastewater from the facilities camp site in latrines drives (septic tanks), followed by removal of the wastewater treatment plant in Irkutsk.
Information on the nature and scope of the reconstruction of the existing pier will be addressed in a separate project. Prior to its implementation of the mooring of vessels expected at the existing quay wall, requiring maintenance.
For organizations aquatic excursions and boat trips can be hired. Pumping of sewage will be carried out by a tenant. Refuelling of ships and disposal of bilge water is provided by the landlord.
Activities concerning reinforcement of the channel will be developed as a separate project.
In the first phase of the database will be pre-cleaning of the channel from the sub-wood, residues of metal structures and other debris.
The estimated duration of the work on the construction campings was 19 months, including:
1 - month - earthworks;
12 - months - construction works;
6 months - landscaping.

Price: on request
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IBA Real Estate Ltd. - Ms. Olga   Bujanina
IBA Real Estate Ltd.
Ms. Olga Bujanina

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