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2. The tax on the acquisition of real estate 6%
3. Notary expenses and registration - 1% -1.5%
4. 250 EURO-Sworn translators
Procedure PURCHASES: After you select a client object and the decision on his purchase, a contract of sale. The signing of the contract occurs at a notary public, protecting the interests of both parties. Notary open a special bank account from which will be paid for the acquisition of real estate. The notary will make a scan of the bought object to the existence of debts or other obligations to make payment of brokerage commissions and expenses associated with the record in the Land Register. Following the signing of a bilateral agreement at the notary, and 100% of payment transactions, the buyer becomes the owner acquired the facility. Then sends the documents to the notary office for the registration of real estate (Grundbuchamt) and within two months, the buyer obtains an extract from the Book of the registration of ownership.


value of the object: 20.000,00 €
tax on the acquisition of real estate 6% 1200, €
Notary expenses and registration - 1% -1.5% 300, €
Sworn translator 250, €

and that all expenditures in 1750, € 
Only in our company
you pay initially 1.750, € (for services) and the remaining amount for the object of 20.000, € following the completion of cdelki (2-3 months)

Property in Germany can be bought as a private as well as the legal person. Foreign individuals can acquire without restrictions as residential or commercial property. Any real estate in Germany must be registered in the registry of property (Grundbuch), where you can get complete information about who is the owner of the property, what is its purchase price, land area and buildings, as well as possible debt.

In the name of the buyer is issued a document, which then assigned its own registration number, the number of records, sheet volume for the record in the register.
Selling real estate can only be the owner or the person designated by them and having a power of attorney certified by a notary. Typically, the right to sell Trusted lawyer. Seller may also make the banks if the property was originally purchased on credit, or was included in the bank. In this case, it is often sold through auction (Zwangsversteigerung).

The procedure for the purchase at auction:

stage: filling the appropriate application on our website and signing the contract, brokerage commission.
Step one: we are looking for a facility, referred to in your application. We offer you different options
stage: if you are satisfied in an object, which is offered through the auction sale, we are having negotiations with the bank-seller about the possibility of withdrawing the facility from bidding. In the event that the auction sale on the advise and help in the purchase of the facility.
Stage: notarization of documents. Payment of all necessary expenses and brokerage commissions paid by you.
Step one: you - the owner of the facility.

Property owners in Germany are multivizu the right to stay in Germany for 90 days out of every six months. However, benefits under a residence permit is not.

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