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Italien: Hotel and restaurant on the shores of Liguria (Italy)

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Basic information
IT-11111 Italien
Type of object:
1.000 sq. m.
Guest space:
1.000 sq. m.
7.000.000 €
Quality of fittings:
Subject to commission:
Commission Rate:
7,14 % inkl. MwSt
Further information
Further information
Property description:
Hotel with a restaurant on the shores of Liguria (Italy)
In 1986 Carlo Brunelli and Oscar Falziroli learned about the marvelous bay and decided to open a restaurant on the beach. For the chef of this restaurant. Excellent cuisine, a unique landscape of this place offer to receive guests. This place is not for tourists in search of new places and flavors, and a place that will help you get acquainted with the ancient traditions of the bay, away from the cement structures (for those who still appreciate).
The hotel, which is an integral part of the restaurant, has five rooms, and is intended for those who wish to spend a few days in a cozy and quiet place. Each room is equipped in such a way as to satisfy different tastes. All rooms are with telephone, mini-bar, air conditioning, TV and safe.
Room 1:
This is one of the most-lit room, its windows overlook the courtyard and make it very sunny. The walls, painted in red color, absorb light, and in the evening, when the night falls, become wonderful memories of the day held.
Number 2:
This is one of the most intimate and cozy rooms. This room make it an intimate walls painted in pink color, and exquisitely selected furniture. Night transports the noises of the sea.
Number 3:
This room is suitable for a small family. There is also a second small room for those who like to go on vacation with the kids. The furniture of the room is picked up slightly in the Provencal style.
Number 4:
This is the central room of the hotel and one of the most spacious. The furniture in the room is picked up in yellow. Its windows overlook the courtyard, the sun's rays and the walls painted in yellow color make this room more spacious.
Number 5:
This is one of the sunniest room and its windows overlook the courtyard. The walls in this room are painted in soft purple color, which mutes the bright sunlight. In the morning, when the windows are opened, the whole room is filled with sunlight. In the morning, for those who wish to start their day in solitude, breakfast included in the room rate, is served on the terrace located opposite.
During the warmer months of the year and a few meters from the sea, a large terrace restaurant. In the summer months, customers can also take advantage of the hotel's private beach. Strolling through the garden completely immersed in a "green environment." The track ends at Bay Beach. Typical Mediterranean air rises over the place. Through the garden brings you to the restaurant, the terrace and the sea.
Terrace Restaurant is located along the beach: hence visible red roof and bell tower of the ancient city. At night the moon lights the sea and the restaurant table: its bright light emphasizes the special landscape and quiet sea waves. The restaurant starts with the terrace: a temperate climate of the Gulf gives you the opportunity to enjoy its scenery, the largest pool of. It's a great place to spend your unforgettable meetings: family reunions, holidays with friends, meetings with colleagues. In the summer, thanks to the large terrace of your evenings will be held under the lights of the stars and the noise of the waves. In the colder months of the year, the restaurant has a large hall with 40 seats, where, thanks to the hospitality of the hosts, will be able to celebrate the important moments for you. Enjoying the unforgettable landscape of the bay, in a restaurant, you can also get acquainted with the typical Mediterranean cuisine and a professional approach to receive guests.
Restaurant 4 **** is located amidst lush vegetation, facing the beach. Lovely view of the sea. It is a very sunny spot and here begins the Cote d'Azur. On the sea shore to the gentle sound of the waves, you can enjoy excellent cuisine, which is considered to queen fish.
Private road that leads to the restaurant, you will remove from the different noises and closer to nature.
From the parking lot to the restaurant, you can go down the path of the ancient fishermen, which leads through the garden with tropical plants, peculiar to this region of the Mediterranean.
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